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Grants and Loan Forgiveness

Nurses and teachers who fill critical need areas benefit from loan forgiveness and grant programs.

  • Iowa Student Loan Nurse Educator Grants. This grant has awarded more than $650,000 to graduate-level nursing students who teach in a classroom or clinical setting in Iowa at or in partnership with an eligible Iowa college or university nursing program. With the availability of other nursing programs, no new applicants are being accepted into the program, although additional awards are expected to be awarded to current participants through 2017.
  • Iowa Student Loan Teacher Career Establishment Grants. Nearly $1 million was awarded to new teachers working in state-designated subject shortage areas during the life of this program. With the addition of new state programs to help fill the funding gaps in this field, Iowa Student Loan has ended this program so that funds may be dedicated to emerging priorities. (Learn more about programs for teachers.)
  • Loan Forgiveness Programs. Iowa Student Loan also awarded loan forgiveness benefits to nurses and teachers who entered specified shortage areas. Current participants will continue to receive benefits through 2017.
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