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12 New Year's Resolutions for College Students

The new year is a good time to evaluate what's been working — and what hasn't — for you during college and figure out ways to improve in the future.

Here are 12 popular resolutions for college students. Which ones should you adopt for yourself?

Improve your sleep habits.

Do you get too little sleep or have trouble getting out of bed for your first class? Resolve to get an adequate amount of sleep each night and make the changes necessary to ensure it happens.

Get fit.

When the gym or in-person fitness classes are not a good choice, you can find other ways to get your exercise — go for a daily walk or run, join a virtual class or create your own weekly exercise competitions with friends.

Eat better.

Are you making healthful choices? Do you eat too much fast food or easy-to-cook convenience foods? Stock up on healthy snacks and make a resolution to replace more meals each week with a more nutritious alternative.

Add (or drop) an extracurricular activity.

Are you too busy with club and society events that you don't have time for studying or other activities? Or, are you bored and looking for a reason to meet others? Evaluate your engagement level and consider whether you should join a new activity or quit an existing one.

Try something new this semester.

College is an ideal time to make new friends or discover new interests. You may never again have the same freedom and opportunity to try such a variety of things. Take advantage of it.

Speak up in class.

If the class format allows, go ahead and ask your question or voice your opinion. It may be embarrassing at first, but you'll find it helps you be more involved and you may discover others who share your ideas. (And, it usually makes a good impression on the instructor!)

Set a savings goal.

Can you save money by renting or buying used textbooks? How about reducing your daily spending? Set a goal for yourself and see if you can reach it by the end of the semester. Find ideas for saving money during college with Student Loan Game Plan.

Get classwork organized.

Use a calendar system to plan out study times, course work, projects and papers for the new semester's classes to ensure you meet deadlines.

Be a leader.

Find a leadership opportunity to build skills for your future career. Many organizations will take nominations and hold elections for next year's officers sometime in the spring. If you prefer more casual leadership, take control of a study group or play an integral role on a house or campus committee.

Improve grades.

Unless you managed a 4.0 last semester, you have room to improve your grades. Evaluate the reasons you missed points on tests, papers and projects and make a plan to do better.

Invest in a good outfit.

Are you ready for interviews and career fairs? How about networking events? Even if all events are virtual, make sure you have at least one professional suit or outfit. If cash is tight, check out consignment stores. Some campuses even offer professional outfits for free or a small fee to students through their career services department.

Try one career preparation strategy.

Get in touch with your campus career services and seek help with a resume, apply for an internship or job, participate in a mock interview or another activity. You'll make connections with the career services staff and you'll improve your chances at landing a future position.

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