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Explore Careers and Starting Salaries

Do you know how much college graduates can expect to make in their first job? ISL Education Lending offers this information, along with other related career information, for college graduates with common majors in its Return on College Investment tool.

Explore Careers with ROCI Reality Check

This unique tool shows students how to estimate a realistic return on college investment, or ROCI. After choosing a college major, users see:

  • Top jobs held by college graduates with a degree in that major. This information helps users understand the types of careers most closely associated with particular college majors.
  • Links to the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook description for each job. The handbook provides more detailed information about required education or training and day-to-day activities for each position.
  • Whether those jobs are considered to be on the career track for, or closely related to, that major.
  • The probability of a graduate with that major obtaining each job.
  • The average starting salary, which is equivalent to the maximum recommended total borrowing level. This information helps users understand whether they are likely to be able to successfully repay their anticipated total college debt with a realistic estimated salary for each job result.
  • Anticipated new jobs needed by 2026.
  • Proportion of graduates with that major holding that job.

Use the Return on College Investment tool to compare jobs, starting salaries and possible career choices.

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