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Return on College Investment

Explore jobs held by others in your area of interest to see:

  • Potential return on your investment in education
  • Recommended education for your chosen career
  • Related college majors
  • Number of prospective job openings

In addition, learn how to improve your chance at obtaining your desired job and maximizing your investment.

See our methodology.

Note: This tool focuses on historical financial outcomes of college graduates to help students who borrow for college make informed choices about a reasonable amount of student loan debt, based on available data. Future career choices are evolving, and you may make career and educational choices for reasons other than the financial outcomes shown here.

Your Interests

Select the type of degree you intend to earn.

An associate's degree is often a two-year degree; a bachelor's is a degree from a four-year institution; a master's degree requires additional education after or in conjunction with a bachelor's degree; and doctoral or professional degree requires more education than a master's. Many careers require a specific minimum degree.

Degree Type

Select a degree type.

Area of Interest

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Your Results

Select each job title to learn more about potential return on college investment based on top careers in your area of interest. You may also choose related areas of interest to explore additional jobs.

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