Student Loan Game Plan

Make a plan now to borrow only what you can responsibly repay.

Student Loan Game Plan shows you how to:

  • Keep total borrowing to no more than a realistic first-year salary.
  • Make choices now to reduce future borrowing.
  • Personalize your results based on earnings for your college major.
  • Adjust your choices to change your outcome.

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About the provider of this tool.

As someone going into a career that doesn't have a high starting (or ending) salary, it's important for me to know the maximum amount of debt I should amass in college in order to be able to comfortably pay for student loans.

Mason B., Ankeny, Iowa

Why a Plan Matters

These stories from actual borrowers show what can happen when borrowing for college results in student loan debt they can't repay from their salaries.

Joe's Story

Joe had to put dreams on hold to pay student loan debt.

Amy's Story

Amy delayed payments and owed even more.

Tim's Story

Tim can't afford student loan payments plus other expenses.

Jen's Story

Jen didn't find the high-paying job she expected.