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For Financial Aid Officers

In addition to providing you with needed loan information for your students, we also offer informational and educational student materials at no cost to colleges and universities and are active members of various Midwest state and regional financial aid associations.

Loans Offered by ISL Education Lending

All ISL Education Lending student and parent loans are for students enrolled at or attending nonprofit, Title IV eligible, degree-granting, accredited colleges, universities and nonprofit schools of nursing.

Borrowers, and more importantly expected cosigners for student borrowers, can pre-qualify for any of the following loans with no impact to their credit score. Individuals who complete the pre-qualification process will be provided with results and expected rates for all loans he or she is eligible for as an applicant or cosigner.

Partnership Advance Education Loan

The Partnership Advance Education Loan is a private student loan for student borrowers (undergraduate and graduate) and their creditworthy cosigners. Students who meet the underwriting criteria on their own do not need cosigners.

Illinois Partnership Loan Program

The unique Illinois Partnership Loan is a private loan for Illinois residents (undergraduate and graduate), and their creditworthy cosigners, who are attending an eligible Illinois college or university. Students who meet the underwriting criteria on their own do not need cosigners.

College Family Loan

The College Family Loan is a private education loan for creditworthy parents, family members or friends to assist undergraduate and graduate students with education expenses.

Partnership No-Cosigner Loan for Undergrads

The Partnership No-Cosigner Loan for Undergrads is specifically for students at the junior level and higher who are enrolled in full-time studies at an eligible Iowa or Illinois college. Set monthly payments are required while student borrowers are enrolled until principal and interest payments begin.

Partnership No-Cosigner Loan for Graduates

The Partnership No-Cosigner Loan for Graduates is for students enrolled in full-time studies in Iowa. This loan’s underwriting criteria does not include a debt-to-income requirement so that graduate students without cosigners can focus on their education, and fixed rates are set to be lower than or competitive with the PLUS loan.


Looking for necessary loan information? We can help.

Download the current ISL Education Lending Certification Reference Chart (PDF) for NCHELP, lender and guarantor codes. In addition, the chart contains maximum and minimum amounts and other details.

Online Services

Online services and reports access
Access different secure reports and online services.
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Student Loan Game Plan ISL Education Lending Monitoring students at your institution who complete this online financial literacy resource
iLinkSBS iLink Viewing reports and loan data as well as processing changes and requests

You need secure access to view these reports.

Please complete the Web Reports Access Request Form (PDF) and return it to your school services liaison as noted in step 5 to receive access to the Student Loan Game Plan report.

Contact iLink at (800) 833-4876 for access to the iLinkSBS reports.

Additional Private Loan Details

Certifying Loans

You may certify loans offered by ISL Education Lending or serviced by Aspire Servicing Center:

  • Up to six months prior to the loan period begin date.
  • 180 days after the loan period end date.

In the case where a student withdraws before the end of the term, the application must be certified on or prior to the last date of attendance and cannot be certified for more than the student's cost of attendance less other aid.

Please process applications within 180 days from the day a certification request is sent. Applications not certified within 180 days will be denied and the student will be required to complete a new application.

Allowable Changes

You may change the academic year when certifying loans if the student has applied for funds for the wrong year.

Available Deferment Time

Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation and other lenders that offer supplemental private student loans that are serviced by Aspire Servicing Center allow borrowers a set amount of deferment time.

Deferment is granted at the sole discretion of the lender. Borrowers may also be granted time if they are in a residency/internship program, serving in the military or having financial hardship. Supporting documentation is required. We may request that borrowers in financial hardship provide a budget worksheet and make payments prior to granting deferment.

Loans Requiring Payment During the In-School Period

Loan options that require principal and interest payments or interest-only payments during the in-school and separation periods, which may not exceed 60 months, have a maximum 24 months of available deferment time.

During authorized periods of deferment, interest will continue to accrue even though no monthly payment is due. In no event will an authorized period of deferment increase the repayment period.

Loans Deferring Payment During the In-School Period

Loan options that do not require payments during the in-school and separation periods, have a maximum 84 months of available deferment time, including the in-school and separation periods.

During authorized periods of deferment, borrowers will receive interest-only statements and may choose to make monthly interest and/or principal payments. We strongly encourage borrowers to make payments that at least cover accrued interest to avoid increases to the loan balance. Authorized periods of deferment may increase the repayment period.