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Private Loan Referral Program

Earn referral fees and stop sending your customers and members to your competitors.

About the Program

Every day, you help your customers and members determine the right financial products to fit their needs and goals. If your institution does not offer lending options to cover college costs, they may turn elsewhere, like national lenders, for student loans.

Let Iowa Student Loan help you fill a gap in your offerings at no cost to your institution with our suite of education loans and financial literacy tools. By providing information about and referring our products, you can help your customers and members learn about transparent, competitively priced college funding options and your institution can earn referral income.

Sign Up Today

It's easy to participate in the program. Contact us and we'll provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. Once you decide to work with us, we'll send you the agreements as well as copy for your website and custom links for tracking activity from your site to our applications. Referral fees are paid quarterly.

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What Makes Us Different

Many student loan providers seek out banks and credit unions for referral relationships. So why should you choose Iowa Student Loan instead of a different student loan lender?

  1. We only offer student loans. We won't try to cross-sell other products to your customers or members.
  2. As Iowa's nonprofit student loan provider, we want borrowers to be successful. We're experts in this field with nearly 40 years of offering and servicing student loans.
  3. We support your referral success by providing your institution with custom web banners, promotional print materials and other college funding information throughout the year to help your customers maximize college costs covered by financial aid.
  4. Our goal is to not only fund loans for students and families but to help educate them so that they can make better decisions when financing college costs. To that end, we offer a quarterly newsletter filled with useful information to share with your customers and members as well as updates and details for you and your staff.
  5. As another element of being a nonprofit, we support programs in your community that help underserved families.

Our Loans

Your institution will receive a fee for each borrower who is referred from your website and subsequently receives a disbursement from one of our private loan programs:

  • The Partnership Advance Education Loan is a supplemental private student loan for undergraduate and graduate student borrowers and their creditworthy cosigners. Iowa residents attending any eligible college in the country or non-Iowa residents attending eligible colleges in Iowa are eligible for the Partnership Loan. Learn more.
  • The College Family Loan is a supplemental private loan for creditworthy parents, family members or friends to assist undergraduate and graduate students with education expenses. Borrowers and students do not need to be residents of Iowa, and students may attend any eligible college in the country. Learn more.
  • The Reset Refinance Loan is a student loan refinancing option to help borrowers lower their interest rate or monthly payment amount or reduce the number of lenders / loan servicers they pay each month. Reset Loan borrowers do not need to be residents of Iowa. Learn more.

Additional Details About Our Loans and Tools

Because private student loans are more complicated than typical consumer loans, you and your customers and members need a partner that is knowledgeable, transparent and trustworthy.

We have nearly 40 years of experience in the student loan industry and are invested in the success of our borrowers and business partners. Our suite of education loans and financial literacy tools were created to help families make educated choices when it comes to financing college costs.

Partnership Loan

The Partnership Loan offers:

  • Terms and conditions your customers will know upfront before they apply.
  • Fixed and variable interest rate options.
  • Different payment options while students are enrolled.
  • Benefits such as a cosigner release and an interest rate reduction for auto-debit.
  • Financial literacy information through Student Loan Game Plan during the application process.

College Family Loan

The College Family Loan features:

  • Terms and conditions your customers will know upfront before they apply.
  • Fixed interest rate options.
  • Different payment options while students are enrolled.
  • Benefits such as an interest rate reduction for auto-debit.

Reset Loan

This refinancing option:

  • Can simplify repayment or reduce interest costs if the loans the borrower is currently repaying have higher rates.
  • Features different repayment terms that are detailed upfront before your customers apply.
  • Lets potential applicants complete a pre-qualification step to learn the exact fixed interest rates and estimated payment amounts they can receive.
  • Offers an interest rate reduction when loans are made using auto-debit.

College Planning Tools

Understanding the complexities of funding a college education is an important step for long-term financial wellness. As a referring partner with us, your institution will have the opportunity to assist those in your community with a full suite of no-cost financial literacy tools. These currently include college planning tools that:

  • Help students and parents understand maximum advisable borrowing levels based on college major and how to reduce their need to borrow to pay for college.
  • Provide a realistic estimation of the return on college investment students may expect from earning a bachelor's degree in a specific major.
  • Help high school seniors and their parents project an estimated total college cost over four years based on the freshman-year financial aid award packet.
  • Assist individuals who are considering extending their education to include graduate school make informed decisions about the ability to successfully repay new student loan debt.
  • Offer informative and valuable tips to help families of students in grades 6–12 prepare for success in college and other postsecondary options.
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