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Before you apply, you will need some information about the current education loans you wish to refinance, including:

  • The lender's name/servicer, address and phone number.
  • Your account number.
  • The current interest rate.
  • An estimated payoff balance.
  • Contact information for three personal references.

Note: If your employer offers the Reset Loan as a benefit, please apply using the web address they provided.

Before You Refinance Federal Loans

If you choose to refinance federal loans, you may be forfeiting important benefits. Be sure you understand what important federal loan benefits you may lose before applying. Review these important details before refinancing federal student loans.

After You Apply

Once you're approved for a Reset Loan, loan funds will be sent directly to your current education loan servicers. You will be responsible for any required payments with your current loan servicers between the time you apply for a Reset Loan and when the final payment amount is received by your current loan servicer.

Customer service for your Reset Loan will be provided by Aspire Servicing Center, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iowa Student Loan.

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Note: The terms "refinance" and "consolidation" loan are used interchangeably regarding the Reset Loan on the website and in the application.