Programs for high school seniors and the parents or guardians of sixth- to 12th-grade students.

Programs for High School Students

Senior Scholarship

Twenty-Five $2,000 Scholarships

Winter 2022–2023

For Iowa high school seniors who score highest on an assessment.

ISL Midwest Senior Scholarship

Ten $1,000 Awards

Early 2023

A random drawing for high school seniors from states surrounding Iowa

Programs for Parents

Save Now, Save Later

Twenty-Five $1,000 Awards

Fall 2022

Drawing for deposits into College Savings Accounts for parents or guardians of Iowa middle and high school students who use the Parent Handbook.

Student Planning Pointers for Parents

160 $250 Awards Annually

Open Year-Round

Quarterly drawing for 40 college savings account deposits for parents or guardians who sign up for this twice-monthly email service.

The Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge taught me about different career paths and how to make the most of a college education. The resources allowed me to create a financial plan for college. They also inspired me to create the goal to come out of college debt-free.

Alex R., Grimes, Iowa
Scholarship winner, Joe
Programs at a Glance
Program Who's Eligible? Awards Registration Dates
Save Now, Save Later: College Savings Plan Parent Giveaway Parents and guardians of Iowa students in sixth–12th grades Twenty-five $1,000 college savings account deposits Fall 2022
Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship Iowa high school seniors Twenty-five $2,000 scholarships Winter 2022–2023
ISL Midwest Senior Scholarship High school seniors in IL, MN, MO, NE, SD or WI or their parents Ten $1,000 awards Early 2023
SP3 Parent Email Service Parents and guardians of students in eighth–12th grades Forty $250 college savings account deposits each quarter Year-round

Fast Facts and Tips

Understanding the Role of College Scholarships

College scholarships are only one type of financial aid used in paying for college. High school seniors who are planning to go to college should understand the differences between all the types of aid available. Continue reading article.

Earning College Scholarships

College scholarships are a great way to help pay for college, because the funds generally do not need to be repaid. Use these tips to help you find, apply for and write essays for college scholarships. Continue reading article.

Applying for College Scholarships

High school seniors can improve their chances of landing college scholarships by following these tips through the year. Continue reading article.

Making the Most of Your Senior Year

Scholarships are a big part of the college planning and financing process. And then there's all the other stuff too. Use these tips to make the most of your senior year and keep your focus on happiness now and later. Continue reading article.

Understanding How Scholarships Affect Financial Aid

Scholarships from community organizations, employers and other sources outside college are a great way to make up the difference between total cost of attendance and the amount from savings, earnings and financial aid. Understand how these outside scholarships might impact your financial aid offer. Continue reading article.

Managing College Scholarship Applications

Senior year is busy and applications for college scholarships, all with different requirements and deadlines, can be difficult to stay on top of. Follow these tips to manage your college scholarship applications. Continue reading article.