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Ten $1,000 Awards

For Iowa high school seniors and their parents and guardians

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College Funding Forecaster Giveaway

Ten $1,000 Awards

The College Funding Forecaster Giveaway awards a $1,000 college scholarship to 10 Iowa high school seniors. A student, parent or guardian may register after experiencing an online tool to forecast total college cost over four years based on a single-year financial aid award package.

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Real Students, Real Stories

Not only will I use these tools to finance my education, but the lessons used to create my college financial plan will also be helpful into the future as I work to remain financially successful even after receiving my degree.

Drake B., Sioux City, Iowa, Award Recipient
Award recipient Drake B.

What You Need to Know

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Who is eligible?

There are no financial need, minimum grade point average or class rank requirements for the College Funding Forecaster Giveaway.

The College Funding Forecaster is open to:

  • Legal U.S. residents.
  • Residents of Iowa.
  • High school seniors at an Iowa high school who plan to attend an eligible college the fall following the registration dates, and the parents and guardians of such students.

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How can I qualify?

Visit the College Funding Forecaster tool during the registration period. After completing the tool, you will have the option to register by submitting your information.

Can I enter more than once?

Only one entry is allowed per student. Either the parent (or guardian) or the student may register, but any duplicate entries will be disqualified from consideration.

Parents and guardians of more than one eligible student may enter once for each eligible student.

Who determines the recipients of the College Funding Forecaster Giveaway?

The recipient and alternate names will be randomly drawn from all eligible entries by a neutral third party.

How long will it take to complete the College Funding Forecaster?

The exact amount of time to complete the tool depends on several factors. You may wish to assemble the following items before you begin:

  • A financial aid award packet from the college.
  • Information about outside scholarships.
  • Information on transportation and personal expenses for the school.
  • An estimate of savings and earnings from the student and family that will be used to pay for college expenses.
Can I use the College Funding Forecaster Giveaway award to attend college outside of Iowa?

The award can be used at any eligible institution, including those in other states.

Can I use the College Funding Forecaster award to pay for expenses at a community college?

You may use the award for community college expenses.

What if I will not attend college full time in the fall following my high school graduation?

The College Funding Forecaster award may be used even if you are not considered a full time student. However, the award will be paid directly to your college the following fall, so your college must consider you an enrolled student for that term.

Why do I receive emails from Iowa Student Loan?

Registered participants may receive notifications about being a finalist for or earning a college scholarship. These emails are only sent during and following the registration period.

Participants who opted to receive additional information from Iowa Student Loan may receive additional emails. If you did not opt in for additional information, you can sign up now.

How do I know if I am receiving an award?

You will be notified by email at the email address you used when registering for the College Funding Forecaster. Please be sure to check your email frequently and follow any instructions for completing required forms or for responding.

When are award recipients announced?

Recipients of the College Funding Forecaster award will be announced approximately four to six weeks after the registration period ends.