Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship

Registration Open Nov. 1, 2021–March 11, 2022

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Senior Scholarship

Twenty-Five $2,000 Scholarships

The Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship awards a $2,000 college scholarship to 25 Iowa high school students each year. All participants experience two online tools to help them understand ways to reduce borrowing to pay for college and receive emailed tips on planning and paying for college.

Real Students, Real Stories

This scholarship was a great opportunity for me to earn money to pay for my college education while learning great information about financial literacy that will prepare me to make the best decisions about my future.

Hannah B., Harlan, Award Recipient

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Kaila F., Stuart, Award Recipient

What You Need to Know

Who is eligible?

There are no financial need, minimum grade point average or class rank requirements for the Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship.

The Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship is open to students who are:

  • Legal U.S. residents.
  • High school seniors at an Iowa high school.
  • Planning to attend an eligible college the fall following the registration dates.
Award recipient Award recipient

How can I qualify?

High school seniors should register online. (A Register Now link is available above while the registration period is open each year.) Registered students will receive an email containing instructions and links to the required elements.

To qualify, students will be required to:

  • Complete two online tools that provide tips and information about paying for college.
  • Complete a related assessment that tests understanding of the concepts presented in the online tools.
  • If necessary to break a tie, complete and submit a separate component.

How long will it take to complete the required steps?

While the exact amount of time will depend on several factors, including how much you would like to explore the available options in the two online tools, plan for about an hour to complete the three main components to qualify. To allow for online submission, high school students should plan to submit all three components in advance of the deadline.

Students who are tied for a top assessment score and required to submit a tiebreaker component will be notified separately of that requirement.

Can I use the Senior Scholarship to attend college outside of Iowa?

The Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship can be used at any eligible institution, including those in other states.

Can I use the Senior Scholarship to pay for expenses at a community college?

You may use the Senior Scholarship for community college expenses.

What if I will not attend college full time in the fall following my high school graduation?

The Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship may be used even if you are not considered a full time student. However, the award will be paid directly to your college the following fall, so your college must consider you an enrolled student for that term.

Why do I receive emails from ISL Education Lending?

All high school seniors who register for the Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship automatically receive a series of emails containing tips on planning for and paying for college. Other than the tips emails, registered participants may receive reminders to complete required steps and notifications about being a finalist for or earning a college scholarship. These emails are only sent during and following the registration period.

Participants who opted to receive additional information from ISL Education Lending may receive additional emails. If you did not opt in for additional information, you can sign up now.

How do I know if I am receiving a scholarship?

If you are a finalist and need to complete a tiebreaker component or if you have earned a college scholarship, you will be notified by email at the email address you used when registering for the Senior Scholarship. Please be sure to check your email frequently and follow any instructions for completing required steps or for responding.

When are scholarship recipients announced?

Depending on the necessity of a tiebreaker component, recipients of the Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship will be announced approximately six to eight weeks after the registration period ends.