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In-School Budget Calculator

To use this calculator:

  1. Insert your monthly income.
  2. Tab between fields or click on the appropriate field to enter your expenses.
  3. Tab to or click on the Balance field to see your monthly surplus or shortfall.

Note: This calculator is for informational and educational purposes only. The results are estimates only.

Item Amount Description
$ Enter your monthly income including grants, scholarships, earnings, money paid by parents or others, and other spendable income.
$ Determine your tuition cost per month.
$ If you live on campus, include your dorm fees and meal plan cost plus other resident expenses like laundry.
$ If you live off campus, include rent, renter’s insurance and utilities.
$ Find the amount you spend on books and materials, lab fees, printing and other costs each month.
$ Add in any grocery and dining expenses not covered by a meal plan.
$ Include monthly payments for a car plus gas, insurance, registration and maintenance.
$ Include health insurance not covered by your parents’ plan plus copays, over the counter medications, health center fees and gym membership.
$ Do you pay for your own mobile phone or Internet plan? How much do you spend on movies, sports events, evenings out and other activities?
$ Include clothing, hygiene, cleaning and other daily expenses.
$ If you are making student loan payments or paying the interest on any student loans, add that in here.
$ Don’t forget about monthly payments to credit cards if you’re carrying a balance.
$ Do you have a plan to put part of your monthly income into savings every month?
$ Use this field for any other expenses not covered above.
$ If you have a surplus, start adding to your savings; a negative number means you need to either increase income or reduce expenses.
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