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What We Do

Helping students obtain the resources needed to succeed in postsecondary education means more than providing student loan products. It means sharing ways to save money, minimize education debt and maximize earning potential. It also means helping every student in our community find their pathway to education after high school.

College Planning Tools

Innovative free online tools are accessible for students and families who want to understand the many aspects of college financing before they face their first bill. Helping students and families understand total college cost, student loan debt and repayment, and the ability to finance college are important aspects of our nonprofit mission.

Scholarships and Award Programs

Although students and parents may first explore one of our planning tools as a way to qualify for a scholarship or award program, many find that they gain pertinent information, that provides even better financial returns as they face the challenge of planning for and paying for college.

Community Outreach

We seek opportunities to reach underserved families in Iowa, through corporate and employee efforts and through partnerships with other organizations that have already established necessary connections and networks.

Supplemental Private Loans

Our mission began with providing affordable student loan options, and we continue to offer supplemental loans with reasonable rates to students and families who need the additional money to achieve a postsecondary education.

Loan Repayment Assistance

Our commitment to helping students and families continues through the repayment of loans. We strive to provide the help, information and resources borrowers need to successfully repay educational loan debt.

I got the information about this organisation in the mail. Thought of calling and asking details about student loan and various products they provide. ... I had a very great experience of talking to an associate from financial industry who was more focused on providing accurate information than selling products.

Sandeep R.

We support the Education Finance Council's Guiding Principles for Nonprofit, State-Based, and State-Chartered Organizations Who Make Education Loans. This document (PDF) is intended to serve as a guiding statement for organizations that make loans to cover educational expenses, outlining general principles that promote borrower success.