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How to Get a Student Loan

Researching student loan options and knowing what to expect can help ensure responsible borrowing for college.

Parent PLUS Loan Features, Benefits and Drawbacks

Before applying for a parent PLUS loan, carefully consider its features, benefits and drawbacks.

Parent Handbook: Determining Loan Need

Before taking out any loans for college, you first need to figure out exactly what amount you might need to borrow.

For High School Students

High school students can find a variety of information, from college searching, planning and preparation, to student loans and dealing with future debt. View complete article library.

For Parents

Parents of middle school and high school students, as well as college students, can find helpful information about a wide range of topics. View complete article library.

For College Students and Grads

Explore information about college life and academics, and student loans and debt (and how to avoid too much debt). View Complete Article Library.


Student Loan Pro Tips provide quick, helpful tips for high school and college students, while Parent Handbook videos dig into subjects important to parents of those students. You can also learn more about our tools and resources. View Complete Article Library.