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Return on College Investment

Career Resources

Besides choosing a college major more likely to lead to the career—and associated salary—that will allow you to repay any student loan debt, take additional actions to help you obtain the job you desire.

Achieve Good Grades

Seek out help when you have difficulty in a class.

Get Involved

Join preprofessional organizations associated with the career you want.

Gain Experience

Seek out internships and other work experiences related to your future career.

Prepare for the Job Search

Career placement services can help with resume writing, mock interviews and potential employer matches.

Ask for Help

Reach out to key faculty about help and advice about future jobs, and ask others for names of people working in your desired field.


Reach out to individuals who can help you land a job.

Research Employers

Focus on top employers in your desired job field.

Your Next Step

Make specific goals for landing a job and put them into action with this checklist. (PDF)

Explore additional college planning tools.

Start Return on College Investment again.