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College Planning Tools

We develop and offer, at no charge and easily accessible online, industry-leading tools to help students and families learn the importance of career planning, appropriate borrowing levels, and how to achieve their educational goals.

Student Loan Game Plan

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Real borrower stories, a maximum recommended borrowing level based on college major, and interactive planning and budgeting features show students and families how debt may affect their financial future. Users see tips on how to reduce their need to borrow to pay for college.

Applicants for private student loans we offer are given the opportunity to reduce their requested loan amounts after reviewing detailed feedback on their personal debt scenarios.

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Student Loan Game Plan Impact

Based on Applications July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020 4,798 loan applicants completed the tool

reduced their requested student loan amount after experiencing the tool
was the average reduction in requested loan amount
indicated the tool increased their knowledge of how borrowing impacts their future

Return on College Investment

This unique tool brings together data and resources to help students and families make the connection between specific college majors and future employment and earnings, then determine a reasonable amount of debt to take on to educate themselves for careers associated with a major.

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College Funding Forecaster

The total cost of college is difficult to determine based on a single year’s financial aid offer. The College Funding Forecaster helps families consider the increasing cost of attendance, expected earnings and family contributions, and future merit and need-based award levels for a typical four-year college experience.

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Grad Degree Gauge

More than 40% of the total student loan volume is for advanced degrees. Potential grad students can gauge whether a grad degree is right for them by providing questions to ask themselves and resources to explore as they weigh their decision.

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Parent Handbook

Even families with students in middle school can begin to take steps for academic and financial readiness for college and other postsecondary education options. The Parent Handbook addresses common questions and allows users to choose the topics they are most interested in at their students’ current stage. Additional information is available on request for all topics covered.

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Other Resources

Other free tools include a student loan payment calculator, budget calculators, a video library of Student Loan Pro Tips and more topics, and articles on all aspects of planning and paying for college.

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